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Each site opens in a new window.  Press F11 for full screen.  If you are saving a graphic, be sure to right click & choose save as to your hard drive. Do not try to direct link.  My site has protected access, so you will just get a red x.

My tiles, customizable blinkie racks, icons, sigs  and PSP frames are freeware. No need to link back, but I would appreciate one. Anything you create from the two dollmakers will be considered freeware.  No need to link back, but others can enjoy the makers if you do.

Also, any stock photography at my deviantArt gallery is freeware.  Obviously, this does not include photos I am selling prints of or personal photos in scraps. However, you can still use any prints as reference if you give credit back to me.  Some photos available as prints will also be available as digital downloads for personal use.  Refer to the Creative Commons license to know the uses or limitations of such pieces. Do not claim any of my graphics as your own. They still belong to me even if I let you use them freely.

Other items are linkware, that includes my dolls, bases, blinkies, lineart and other graphics. If you use any of my art in a gallery at your site, you must link back. Leave my copyright symbol intact on all my dolls if I bothered to put them there. You can removed the symbol from bases, it is only there to remind you where you picked up the base. Be sure to include copyright information if you decide to display some of my hand drawn art or paintings. Buttons for linking are below. You can also use a text link or directly link the graphic to me.

Do not distribute my bases without permission or display on your website in a collection without permission. Using for a base edit is ok, as long as you credit me with making the original.  If you want to display them in forum shops so people can pick their pose without visiting my site that is fine-as long as you credit my bases with a link.  You may edit my bases and within sets, you can create new poses by exchanging the top and bottom parts.  I tried to make as many pose combos in various sets that I could. You can erase wings from faeries, change ears, flip, recolor etc. If you would like, you can email any edits to me.  Please keep all edits within reason, so the base can be recognizable.  You can display an edit on your site, if you link to me stating I made the original.Do not use any of my graphics or art in tubes, brushes, sets or anything that can be redistributed without permission. Contact me first and we'll see.

My pixel dolls are to be used as adoptables at your own personal website. Do not use these dolls in avatars, lj icons, my space or neopets profiles or forum sigs without permssion from me. None of this applies if I know you and I gave you a the graphic  as a gift.  If that's the case, you can use in sigs, avs or anywhere that you desire.  I have some avatars/icons and sigs for forum and other general use under graphics. Meanwhile, grab a base and make one yourself. It's fun! You may use the blinkies in sigs if you link back to me. 

Some pages have non-adoptable items, but are displayed just for your viewing pleasure. This is usually special items like gifts to me from other people, purchases or gifts/requests I have given or received.  Have fun!

Link Buttons

Right click and choose "Save As" to save button to upload to your server.  Link to

    Made from a background from SKOM.  This is for my winter layout going up in January. 

If you only want to link to my art, the below one can be linked directly here: